Gol Gumbad

Gol Gumbad



Gol Gumbad also called as Gol Gumbaz is situated in Bijapur District in Karnataka, being the second largest dome int he world, it is 124 feet in diameter. It was built in 1659 by the famous architect Yaqut of Dabul. It has a remarkable architecture, the four “minars” are the staircases itself which lead to the top dome. The structure consists of a square chamber measuring nearly 50 m on each side and covered by a huge dome 44 m.

Gol Gumbad

The Gol Gumbad is supported on giant squinches supported by groined pendentives while outside of the building is supported by domed octagonal corner towers. The most striking features of Gol Gumbad are the seven-storied octagonal spires at the four corners and the heavy bracketed cornice below the ramparts.

The periphery of the dome is a circular balcony where visitors can witness the astounding whispering gallery. Inside the dome, a clap or any sound gets echoed around 7 times. Anything whispered from one corner of the gallery can be heard clearly to the opposite side.

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