Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial



The Victoria Memorial is a memorial building dedicated to Queen Victoria. It is officially the Victoria Memorial Hall of Victoria Queen of United Kingdom and Empress of India. Victoria Memorial is located in Kolkata (India), the former capital of British India. It currently serves as a museum and a tourist attraction. It is an organization within the Government of India’s Ministry of Culture.

Victoria Memorial

The design of the structure represents of British and Mughal architecture. For the construction of this building, the use white Makrana marbles is remarkable and the building was inaugrated in the year 1921. The Victoria Memorial hall is 338 feet by 228 feet and rises to a height of 184 feet and was constructed by architect Sir William Emerson who laid down the actual plan of the memorial.

The Victoria Memorial stands enclosed within 64 acres of blooming gardens and it houses a museum containing a large collection of memorabilia relating to Queen Victoria and the British presence in India. The Victoria Memorial hall also contains a Royal Gallery housing many number of portraits of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and paintings from their lives.

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