Why do Woodpeckers peck the trees?

Wood peckersA woodpecker is a bird which gets its name as it pecks the wood of trees looking for insects to eat. The woodpecker is a great help to the trees because quite often the insects and worms are harmful for the trees. The woodpecker can find them instinctively even when they cannot be seen outside. Then he drill a deep hole and straight gets down to them. This is to enable them to get away if an enemy shows up. The woodpecker has a chisel-like beak which can drill holes into dead or unhealthy trees.

The structure of the head and neck of a woodpecker is adapted for driving its beak powerfully forward into the tree bark and absorbing the shock of the blow. It then uses its long tongue to capture and eat worms and insects. A woodpecker is a member of the family picidae. There are 24 species of woodpecker found in North America. These include the flickers and sapsuckers.

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